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Bienvenidos a Casa del Angel


It all started with my own journey.  I had been dealing with weight since my twenties.  I had been on a thousand and one yo-yo diets. After 30"s the time had come to take care of myself.  I made up my mind to lose weight and to feel comfortable in my own skin.  Being healthy was important, but so was looking gooo! So, I decided to emerge in my own journey - in Mexico! 


Having gone through the process myself, and having interacted for months with other women on the same path, I realized there was a real need for a recovery retreat that combined a beautiful setting with professional, sensitive, high quality post-surgical care.  Thus was born Casa Del Angel Wellness.


Here at Casa del Angel Wellness, we appreciate that each of our guests has a unique personal story and medical history. We understand every phase of the journey - from the moment you arrive at the airport to the day you go home again - because we have taken that journey ourselves.


Casa del Angel is one the finest medical retreats in Tijuana, offering a private, special place for patients to recover from surgery.  I look forward to meeting you.




      Angel Bay 





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